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Chris is a full time qualified professional photographer working and specialising in Editorial, Public Relations, company & social events and documentary style Wedding Photography. His work has been published in national & international newspapers and magazines.
Chris has mastered a unique style of photographing weddings by using his talents as a Societies Photographer, capturing the moment with documentary style wedding photography. True Wedding Photography.

Chris also dedicated to making Art Photography’ and sells through galleries including Saatchi online.

“I have been a photographer for almost my entire life, fascinated by the fact that one instantly captures a moment in time for ever. It is this fraction of time held still, frozen, never to be repeated that drives me deeper into the endless possibilities that photography offers. Now in the new age of digital imagery, I find that I can go even deeper manipulating images and changing perspectives, creating unmanifested images, images that are unmanifested, they are there but have not been found, ethereal forces that exist and at work in the universe but can not be seen. My passion is to making then manifested by bringing these images into the world, to go further and discover and see more which this incredible world has to show me”.

View more of his folio at www.chrisjparker.co.uk

Chris J Parker Photographer

Chris J Parker (me)

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