Digital cameras make taking photographs easier

I personally have seen a big change in my career as a professional wedding photographer. When I first started out I used film with three cameras to shoot a wedding. Two 35mm Nikons, one had black & white the other colour film and a 6×6 Hasselblad, which had 12 frames to shoot. Now, in the digital age, I use one, a Canon 5D. But the competition is also much greater now, as most people have access to an affordable digital cameras and software, it’s so much easier to take a photograph.

boys on cycles in India

One can take 100’s of images to try a capture that special moment, but it’s the experience of years working as a photographer looking through the viewfinder that counts. It’s a lifetime’s education of seeing what makes a great photograph and taking it. A photograph has to look ‘real’ and have depth to be seen and stand out, not just as a record of an event, but as a photograph in it’s entirety, the whole of the subject, something that provokes.  That makes the difference, a good photographer lives and breaths in that moment of something whole. Snap!

Civil Partnership Wedding Photography

Leanne & Julie say their vowels at The Sporting Lodge in Middlesbrough.

True Wedding by Chris J Parker

The Drovers’ Road Dress Rehearsal Production

hi Chris
the Drover Pics are SUPERB!! I’m so pleased with them. Huge thanks
you are brilliant at what you do!! If ok with you I will forward the link of these pics to all the cast.

Em Whitfield Brooks
Artistic Director
Helmsley Arts Centre
Commissioned by North York Moors Parks All Rights Reserved. Christo Photo

Commissioned by Ingeus UK to Photograph a Sky Sports event in Newcastle


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Yarm Fair

Walking around with my camera photographing the activities.

Julie & Peter wedding at Judges Hotel

True life wedding photography at Judges Country House Hotel.

Julie & Peter take their vowels at Judges Hotel and photo’s after in the garden.

True life wedding photography by Chris J Parker at ChristoPhoto

Nicole & Richard wedding at Walworth Castle Hotel

Commissioned to photograph Nicole & Richard’s wedding at Walworth Castle and what a beautiful day it was. Nicole & Richard have their wedding photographs uploaded to my Folio Galleries at My Galleries. To view more of my work and to contact Chris for information and availability, go to Christo

Hello Chris
Its Nicole here, Thank you so much for you the wonderful photo DVD which we got the other day.
Thank you so much Nicole Mrs N Davidson